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Network monitoring is far more strategic than its name implies. It involves watching for problems 24/7, but it's also about optimizing data flow and access in a complex and changing environment. Network monitoring for a corporate network is a critical IT function that will help maintain the network's current health, ensure availability and improve performance.

Outsource IT will proactively examine your network every morning to ensure your critical data has been properly backed-up and your network is operating at peak efficiency. We can find and remotely resolve network issues, questionable user activity, malware issues, spam issues, and remote connectivity problems—often before you know a problem has occured.

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A network that is not proactively managed can experience a number of unexpected things: applications slowing to a crawl; spikes in bandwidth use; declining VoIP quality; customer complaints about slow websites; or unexplained database failures. These sorts of network incidents and anomalies can hurt productivity or indicate compromised security.

Outsource IT will proactively manage your network to ward off potential problems. We have developed a tool set and defined protocols to help sense problems before they adversely affect performance or become a crisis and make needed adjustments and changes to keep your network running optimally.

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Backing up and safeguarding your company's important data is one of our top priorities. We schedule and monitor data backups so that your business continues despite a hardware or security failure. And when the time comes to recover a file or folder that was inadvertantly deleted, Outsource IT will often assist you remotely so that what was lost is found in record time.

Most importantly, Outsource IT will help you determine a Backup Plan that takes into consideration: the importance of various data; how often it changes; how quickly you will need to recover the data; the equipment you have to perform backups; the best time to perform backups; and whether and how backups need to be stored off-site

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